Student Research Opportunities

Both undergraduate and graduate students have an important role to play in the research that takes place at Carleton University. Not only can students learn analytical and research skills in projects for their classes, they can also further develop  their passion for a subject by working with Carleton’s  expert researchers and contribute to research at Carleton. Analytical and research skills increase success in both the classroom and in future  vocations.

Take Research Further

Graduate Research Assistantships (RAs): Many departments offer RAs to graduate students. Please visit your department’s website for additional information.

I-CUREUS (Internship – Carleton University Research Experience for Undergraduate Students)

Research Courses: Register for a 4th year research seminar, a thesis, research, fieldwork or project course,  independent study, or directed studies in preparation for graduate school or a career in a research field.

FASS Student Stories