We are pleased to announce that Dr. David R. McMullin is our newest Food Science Professor. Please join us in welcoming David to our team.

David McMullin received his PhD from Carleton University where his graduate studies focused on the characterization of secondary metabolites produced by fungi commonly isolated from damp buildings. This work informed the taxonomy of the fungi and enabled toxicology studies. Dr. McMullin was a PDF at the Center for Analytical Chemistry at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria working on rapid methods to identify mycotoxin contamination in crops. Following this he studied the natural products produced by foliar endophytes of conifers with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), JD Irving, Limited and Carleton University as a Mitacs PDF. Before joining Carleton University as an assistant professor, David was a chemist with AAFC in Charlottetown investigating allelochemicals in potatoes and agrochemical applications. His research program at Carleton University will focus on environmental/food toxins and contaminants, with an initial focus on natural toxins produced by cyanobacteria in freshwater.