The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) has awarded DGES alumna, Dr. Andrea Carrion, with the 2017 Outstanding Dissertation Prize for her dissertation: “The spatial restructuring of resource regulation.The gold mining enclave of Zaruma and Portovelo, Ecuador, 1860-1980,”  was awarded this prestigious prize above all other applicants across Canada.

The purpose of the Outstanding Dissertation Prize is to provide recognition to a young scholar who has significantly advanced our understanding of Latin America or the Caribbean.  The committee was very impressed with the scope and depth of Carrion’s analysis, and found the topic of the dissertation very relevant to what CALACS stands for.

Congratulations Andrea on winning this prestigious award!

The following is one of the archival images used in Dr. Carrion’s research.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Andrea Carrion – CALACS Outstanding Dissertation Prize”

  1. susana Vasquez says:

    Congratulations Andrea, we are always following your progress closely and
    we know you are working on very hard to achieve the objectivs pursued.
    Susana Vasquez

  2. Dania Quirola says:

    Congratulations Andrea for making such honor to Portovelo through your research. Keep the meaningful work

  3. Andy Kusi-Appiah says:

    Andrea, accept my congratulations for a job well done.

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