Congratulations to Christian Peart for receiving the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies T.A. Excellence Award!

The TA Excellence Award  is given to a TA that excels in their commitment to the following criteria:

  • Teaching Skills: Teaching ability demonstrated in tutorials, office hours or guest lectures;
  • Communication: Quality of communication with students or the instructor (e.g., in office hours, email communication, etc.);
  • Inspiration: Ability to stimulate, engage or provoke thought;
  • Grading: Quality of grading in terms of fairness, promptness, helpfulness and relevance of feedback/comments

Christian is an M.Sc. student under the supervision of Dr. Stephan Gruber. He is looking at accurately and effectively quantifying permafrost thaw with the use of a terrestrial laser scanner in man-made and tundra environments. His research is important because as permafrost thaws the surface can change, which will cause the surface cover (e.g., infrastructure or vegetation) to change too (e.g., move, break, and/or collapse).

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Christian! All the best in your future work and research.

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