The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies presents Founders Seminar on Friday, March 10th at 3pm in Loeb A410.

This Founders Seminar features Dr. Laura Pitkanen and her research seminar titled “The State Comes Home: Radiation and In-Situ Dispossession in Everyday Life.”


Dr. Laura Pitkanen analyzes how the radioactive contamination of the home constitutes an in-situ dispossession, a material, corporeal and psychosocial dislocation in everyday life that is inextricable from the state. In analyzing how a state-owned refinery contaminated a town with radioactive waste, she reveals discrepancies between internal state positions and those publically conveyed, while showing how the categories of normal and abnormal are malleable social constructs. Her analysis reflects on the interconnectedness of body, home, and nation-state.

For more information about this event and to view the poster, please follow the link.

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