Winter field camp course 2017 at Providence Point was a great experience!

Our students worked hard – starting work at 9am and submitting in their daily assignment reports at 11pm – had fun, and learned much about winter water, weather, and climate.  Dr. Chris Burn and field assistant, Alice Wilson, were always on the scene to answer questions, guide students, and foster a curiosity and love of research.

Don’t worry, that had fun too!

DGES Winter Field Camp 2017 with Archie the dog.

Working hard on assignments into the evening.

A cozy way to study.

Alice Wilson, field assistant, offering her guidance.

Get your gear and get outside!

Professor Burn offering instruction.

Measuring snow albedo.

Field work on a warm winter day!

Drilling holes, measuring depth, studying ice.

You could read this…

…or you could read this.

Collecting data to determine the concentration of road salt in the snow.

Making new friends.

Geography field camp squad.


Very scientific equipment.

Working hard, still smiling!

A well earned rest after all that hard work.

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