On Monday November 5th the Governor General of Canada presented honours to Canadians in celebration of their exceptional achievements. Chancellor’s Professor Chris Burn received a 2019 Polar Medal. The Polar Medal is presented to “remarkable individuals [who] contribute to northern communities and to our knowledge of the polar regions and Canada’s North. They make significant scientific contributions, further the knowledge or exploration of the polar regions, contribute to securing Canada’s northern sovereignty and strengthen our appreciation of northern Canada and its people. They make us proud”.

Photo credit: Sgt Johanie Maheu, Rideau Hall
Her Excellency presents the Polar Medal to Christopher Robert Burn.
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, presented honours to Canadians in celebration of their exceptional achievements. The ceremony took place at Rideau Hall on November 5, 2018.
Son Excellence présente la Médaille polaire à Christopher Robert Burn.
Son Excellence la très honorable Julie Payette, gouverneure générale du Canada, a remis des distinctions honorifiques à des Canadiens en l’honneur de leurs réalisations et contributions exceptionnelles. La cérémonie a eu lieu à Rideau Hall le 5 novembre 2018.
Credit/Mention de source: Sgt Johanie Maheu, Rideau Hall, OSGG-BSGG

Taken from the Governor General of Canada media release:


Christopher Robert Burn
Ottawa, Ontario

Chris Burn is an internationally recognized expert in the domain of permafrost and ground ice in Yukon and the western Arctic. A professor of geography and environmental studies at Carleton University, he is equally adept at fostering meaningful and productive partnerships with relevant stakeholders in Canada’s North, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the effects of climate change on permafrost terrain and tundra ecosystems.

Congratulations Chancellor’s Professor Christopher Burn!

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