Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) is hosting a discussion this afternoon designed to see “what can occur when two scholars explore unexpected intersections between their research?”  Carleton academics Dr. Emilie Cameron and Rana Abughannam will be speaking about their current research in relation to the exhibitions at CUAG. Hear two separate talks and then join the discussion to bring out convergences across new and exciting research in order create a conversation between the exhibitions.

Dr. Emilie Cameron will be reflecting on the anti-colonial critique in the work of Alootook Ipellie in Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border, and how this intersected with broader anti-colonial and northern Indigenous self-determination movements beginning in the 1970s. She will also reflect on audience and the different ways in which Inuit claims, knowledges and movements have been legible (and not) to Qallunaat.

In Here Be Dragons, Gisele Amantea’s site specific installation questions the political efficacy of photography from conflict zones, but more specifically the steady stream of images from the Syrian Civil War. For her talk, Rana Abughannam will discuss the primacy of the image and of the destructed object over human narrative, arguing that documentation of conflict zones has become purely focused on the physical objects, which limits the process of reconstruction and recovery, falling short to recognize human agency and the role of the witnesses impacted by the events in re-building the city.

Thursday, 22 November 2018, 3:00 p.m.

Carleton University Art Gallery (St. Patrick’s Building)

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