Established in 2017, the Charles Nixon Travel Bursary in Human Geography and Environmental Studies is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies to undergraduate students enrolled in human geography and environmental studies. The purpose of this bursary is to assist undergraduate students in defraying the costs of academically related travel. The definition of academically-related travel is fairly broad.  If you have questions about what might be eligible, please inquire at the Chair’s office (or by email,

Travel any time in the fall or winter term of 2018-2019 is eligible, as long as you are not being fully reimbursed from other funding. Travel during this summer is also eligible, as long as you can provide some documentation that shows you are committed to making the trip.  For example, if you plan to attend a conference or undertake field research this summer, please consider applying for this award.

The deadline for applications is April 1, 2019. To apply, send an email to outlining your plans for travel, its academic purpose (e.g. conference, field research), the dates of the travel, and your student number. Please provide evidence of the completed or planned travel (e.g. confirmation of conference attendance). More than one award may be granted.