David Hugill (Geography): “David has a skill for teaching that can’t be taught. In his lectures there’s a natural presence of humor and openness that creates a unique learning environment from my other classes. He’s created a connection with his students by doing simple actions; giving us 5 minute breaks, playing music before class, or building on jokes from previous classes. He has excellent taste in people sleeping on farm animals and always manages to turn a lecture into a conversation. He will easily be remembered in my later years and I have no doubt is my favorite Professor”.

Jennifer Ridgley (Geography): Never wastes time in class (always well planned out), genuinely cares, fun assignments, good readings, great discussions.

Murray Richardson (Geomatics): “Cares about how students are doing, approachable, takes time out of schedule to help students, obviously cares about the course and puts a lot of work in to make sure that the assignments are informative, useful and fun. Fair examinations as well. He also brings in guest speakers to give us real world connections to course material. All in all, an excellent professor”.

Paul Williams (Geography): “Paul is such an approachable and enthusiastic teacher. I find myself stressed out when I’m attending most of my other classes but Paul makes me excited to go to class and to learn (a class that is nearly polar opposite of my faculty) and keep us all interested. He goes above and beyond constantly, always offering to support us to succeed in not only his class but our other classes as well. I’m so glad that I got to take a class with him as my prof. He are very welcoming and easy to talk to. He makes himself very approachable which is beneficial when students have questions”.

For more information: 2018-2019 Favourite Faculty (Resident Nominations)

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