Are you interested in cities? The rapid pace of urban change across the globe? The role of cities in globalization? How to plan for more equitable cities?

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies now offers a Concentration in Urban Geography for students in the Honours BA Geography program. This concentration allows students to focus their program on the study of cities and urbanization. Courses in the concentration explore important urban issues such as: inequality, discrimination, spatial justice, colonialism and settler cities, social movements and change, housing and homelessness, migration and security, urban planning and governance.

The concentration does not require students to take any additional credits: It is composed of 2.5 credits in core courses and 1.0 credit in approved electives, for a total of 3.5 credits. These 3.5 credits are all included in existing degree requirements

The core or required courses in the concentration include:

GEOG 1023:    Introduction to Cities and Urbanization
GEOG 2023:    Cities, Inequality and Urban Change
GEOG 3023:    Cities in a Global World
GEOG 4023:    Special Topics on the City
GEOG 4323:    Urban and Regional Planning

Want to learn more?

Please contact Karen Tucker (for advice on course selection) or Jill Wigle (for program advice).