All physical access to the labs on campus has been revoked. If you have work saved on the S: drive at these labs you will be able to access the drive by downloading the Virtual Private Network (VPN), instructions below. Our dedicated FASS Computing Services Unit have offered to help you in this process. They can be reached at

Access to Software:
If you have questions about accessing software packages available at the labs from home:
Please contact Meaghan Kenny ( for ESRI, and Derek Meuller or John Milton for other software packages and please cc; your professor and refer to the course number in your email if the package is needed for a specific course.

VPN Instructions:
VPN can be downloaded from ITS at
Students can use VPN and map to the network Drive S: (instructions on mapping to a network drive can be found at the above link too) and obtain their saved work from home.

The map name is: \\geomatics$ and it will work with macs and windows pc’s.

Our office can help your students:

Thank you for your continued patience while we sort out these issues.