Photo of Kate Cullen

Kate Cullen

My name is Kate Cullen and I completed my BA Honours Degree in Geography in 2011.  One aspect of the program that I found particularly valuable was its diversity.  Geography is interdisciplinary enough that your research can be tailored to any topic you find interesting.  This allowed me to explore a multitude of subjects before I identified one that I found truly complemented my own interests: international development.

Now I am a Master’s student at Carleton’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs focusing on human security and international development.  My geographic background has given me insight into a number of issues that complement my current research, including global health, climate change, indigenous rights, gender equity and globalization.  Additionally, the foundations of research theory and practice that I gleaned from my BAH have helped me succeed in my Master’s research.

As I wrap up my degree, I hope to be able to take the skills I’ve gained from both my undergraduate and Master’s programs into the workforce.  The Geography Department instilled in me an understanding that research can also be a force for change.  I hope to be able to play some small part in improving the lives of others through the discovery and implementation of new knowledge.