Fiona Mackenzie

Professor Emeritus

Degrees:B.A. (London), M.A. (Carleton), Ph.D. (Ottawa)


My research has focused until recently on issues to do with land and the environment in SubSaharan Africa. I have worked with both archival sources and personal narratives to reconstruct histories of land and labour in rural Kenya, recognising differences of race, class and gender in these histories. More recently, I have engaged in research in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, looking at questions to do with community and identity in the context of processes of globalisation, as the latter are connected to environmental issues. I am particularly interested in looking at how ‘the commons’ – whether to do with property or with land use – is invoked in environmental struggle. As an extension of this research in Scotland, I am involved with two communities, one of which has recently brought land under collective ownership (the Isle of Harris) and another (in North Sutherland) which is attempting to do so, under the new land reform legislation in Scotland. A more recent research interest centres on visual art, identity and place, recognising that through the art itself and the practices associated with it identities and senses of belonging are reworked.

Research Interests

  • land, identity, community and environment in Scotland
  • visual art, place and identity
  • critical research methodologies
  • poststructural/postcolonial political ecology


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Recent Graduate Supervisions

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  • Brian Egan  2008, ‘From dispossession to decolonization: towards a critical indigenous geography of Hul’qumi’num territory’ , Ph.D. Geography
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  • Sherrill Johnson, 2006, ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place: (Re)viewing Environmental  Conflicts over Aggregate Extraction in Exurbia’ ,Ph.D. Geography
  • Patricia Ballamingie, 2006, ‘Paradoxes of Power: The Lands for Life Public Consultations’,Ph.D. Geography
  • W. Andrew Baldwin, 2006, ‘Recovering Borealia: The Social-nature of Canada’s Boreal Forest’, PhD Geography. (Co-supervision with S. Dalby).
  • Crescentia Dakubo, 2005, ‘Applying an Ecosystem Approach in Community Health Research in Rural Northern Ghana’, PhD Geography.
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