Photo of Sarah LaBrecque

Sarah LaBrecque

I completed a BA Honours in Environmental Studies with a minor in Mass Communication in 2008. At the time, I wasn’t sure if this combination of disciplines made sense from a career perspective, but when I began looking for jobs I knew I had made a good choice. The Environmental Studies program at Carleton gave me a solid grounding in environmental issues and the flexibility to experiment across disciplines to determine where my core interests lay. I went on to work on community environmental projects in the UK in the waste and recycling and sustainable transportation fields, and was successful in finding work at an environmental non-profit in Ottawa following that.

My degree gave me the confidence and credibility to apply for jobs in the burgeoning environmental campaigning and communications field, and the support of the staff and faculty was instrumental in encouraging my academic aspirations. I am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies at Concordia University which will improve my media production and applied communication skills. I hope to apply these skills towards creating dynamic and forward thinking environmental campaigns in the non-profit sector. My best advice for new graduates would be to take full advantage of the practicum component of the degree, as this will offer you valuable work experience and applicable skills. Additionally, I am very happy that I took some time to work between my undergraduate and graduate studies, as that time informed my interests and exposed me to the job market, ultimately leading me to where I am today.