More great news for our faculty, this time to Dr. Kristin Connor, who received the Molly Towell Perinatal Research Foundation new investigator grant. With this grant, Dr. Connor will study pregnancies complicated by underweight, obesity, and infection. The aim is to uncover new mechanisms at the maternal-fetal interface that contribute to increased risk for preterm birth and adverse offspring brain development in these pregnancies.

Dr. Connor says “I am grateful to the Molly Towell Foundation and the Faculty of Science at Carleton for supporting my research. This grant will allow me to recruit a new graduate student and conduct innovative work in our human clinical samples and animal cohorts. It will allow our team to apply a truly multidisciplinary approach to understand brain development and preterm birth in high-risk pregnancies.

To learn more about Dr. Connor’s research and join her team, visit her Developmental Origins of Health and Disease website.

Image credit: Nikita Golubev from Flaticon