Photo of Francine Darroch

Francine Darroch

HSTP Program Coordinator

Degrees:MEd (Providence College), MPH (University of Waterloo), PhD (University of Ottawa)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 4224

Primary field of Specialization:

Community-Based Participatory Research, Social and Cultural Determinants of Health, Gender and Health

Research Interests:

My research focuses on equity-oriented health promotion with populations experiencing marginalization. Specifically, I examine social determinants of health, Indigenous health, maternal health, and the intersections of sex, race, gender, colonialism, and violence. My current research aims to address inequities in physical activity for urban Indigenous and non-Indigenous pregnant women and parents with the goal to improve quality of life and overall health. This work addresses individual, systemic, and structural barriers to health.I have secondary but active interests in gender and sport, including female distance runners and their experiences of pregnancy as well as examining controversial policies around gender verification in athletics. Overall, my research is committed to social justice and health equity.

Select Publications:

Darroch, F.E., Giles, A.R., Hillsburg, H., & McGettigan-Dumas, R. (2019). Running from Responsibility: Athletic Governing Bodies, Corporate Sponsors, and the Failure to Support Pregnant and Postpartum Elite Female Distance Runners. Sport in Society.

Creighton, G.M, Oliffe, J.L, Broom, A., Rossnagel, E., Ferlatte, O., & Darroch, F.E.(2019) “I never saw a future”: Childhood trauma and suicidality among sexual minority women. Qualitative Health Research. doi: 10.1177/1049732319843502

Giles, A. R., Bauer, M. E., & Darroch, F. E. (2018). Risky statement? A critique of the Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play. World Leisure Journal.

Darroch, F.E.& Hillsburg, H. (2017). Keeping Pace: Mother versus Athlete Identity Among Elite Long Distance Runners. Women Studies International Forum.

Darroch, F.E., Giles, A.R., Sanderson, P., Brooks-Cleator, L., Schwartz, A., Joseph, D., Nosker, R.  (2016). The USA does “CAIR” about Cultural Safety: Examining Cultural Safety within Indigenous Health Contexts in Canada and USA. Journal ofTranscultural Nursing.

Darroch, F.E., Giles, A.R., & McGettigan-Dumas, R. (2016). Elite Female Distance Runners and Advice During Pregnancy: Sources, Content and Trust. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 24(2), 170-176.

Darroch, F.E. & Giles, A.R. (2016). Conception of a Resource: Development of a Physical Activity and Healthy Living Resource with/for Pregnant Urban Aboriginal Women in Ottawa, Canada. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 9(2), 157-169.

Darroch, F. & Giles, A.R. (2016). A Postcolonial Feminist Discourse Analysis of Urban First Nations Women’s Description of Pregnancy-Related Weight Gain and Physical Activity. Women and Birth, 29(1), e23-e32.

Darroch, F. & Giles, A.R. (2015). Health/Service Providers’ Perspectives on Barriers to Healthy Weight Gain and Physical Activity in Pregnant Urban First Nations Women. Qualitative Health Research, 26(1), 5-16.

Darroch, F. & Giles, A.R. (2014). Decolonizing Health Research: Community-Based Participatory Research and Postcolonial Feminist Theory. Canadian Journal of Action Research, 15(3), 22-36.