Carleton University will host leaders and leadership development professionals from across higher education institutions in North America & beyond this fall in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city

This five-day Immersive Experience will create the space to reflect, share, discuss and build our leadership development practices, processes and structures.

We invite you to an exclusive session to explore our leadership practices and share our learning together.

The Immersive Experience will:

  • Foster dialogue and promote space for reflection
  • Encourage participants to consider and apply a needs-based & appreciative approach to establish or enhance the development opportunities at their own institutions
  • Promote collaboration in the field of leadership development in higher education
  • Build stronger connections, share leading practices and learn from one another

Consider the possibilities for your University or College!

When: October 28 to November 1, 2019

Where: Wakefield Mill



While in Ottawa, please consider also attending the International Leadership Association annual global conference. You can join a number of higher education and cross industry professional in the scholarship and application of leadership principles and practices.

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