Photo of Chris Chanco

Chris Chanco

Research Assistant

Degrees:M.A. (York)

I worked for a few years in the non-profit sector in Manila before coming to Canada for my graduate studies. I did my MA at York University, where I completed a thesis on the resettlement of Jewish refugees in Canada, looking at the history of the labour movement and its intersections with the country’s post-war immigration and refugee system.  At York, I was also a graduate assistant at the Centre for Refugee Studies. The Centre was involved in the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) project, where I provided technical and pedagogical support to instructors as they delivered online courses to students from refugee camps in Kenya.

As a freelance journalist, I continue to write for the press, from time to time, on issues concerning migrant workers, refugees, international development, and human rights.

I believe LERRN is an excellent platform to build bridges between academia, civil society, and public policy. I’ve had the privilege to work with Laura Madokoro, Megan Bradley and Merve Erdilmen on the international history of “solutions” to displacement.