Lower-Risk Cannabis Consumption from the Consumers Perspective

By Renee St-Jean and Dr. Michael Wohl

Our study looked at the existing research on lower-risk cannabis consumption, as reported by people who use cannabis. We searched for articles published between 1900 and 2021 that used keywords related to cannabis consumption, cannabis-related beliefs and behaviors, and positive outcomes. Out of 7,111 articles, we found 12 that met our inclusion criteria.

Our study identified three themes related to lower-risk cannabis use: informed self-regulation, protective behavioral strategies, and the normalization of cannabis consumption. These themes reflect the beliefs and behaviors of people who use cannabis in a positive and non-problematic manner. However, our study also found that some people use cannabis as a coping mechanism, which undermines lower-risk cannabis consumption.

We conclude that there is a need for more research focused on how people consume cannabis in a positive and non-problematic way. Our research could help inform policies and practices around cannabis consumption and promote lower-risk consumption strategies.