The Psychology Wellness Centre is CLOSED for the Winter and will reopen in the Fall!

The Psychology Wellness Centre

The Psychology Wellness Centre is a virtual centre staffed by psychology graduate students who are registered in the capstone course (PSYC 5904) in the Mental Health and Well-Being concentration. Through the Psychology Wellness Centre, we will offer virtual, peer wellness coaching to students in the Carleton community.

What is the Psychology Wellness Centre?

The Psychology Wellness Centre is a virtual Centre in partnership with Health and Counselling and the Student Affairs Office at Carleton University. The goal of the Centre is to provide education and coaching as it relates to Health Promotion to Carleton students seeking “peer wellness coaching”. Psychology graduate students registered in PSYC5904, known as peer wellness coaches, will work in the virtual Centre to provide the Carleton student community with education on wellness and coaching to improve their well-being and to meet their wellness goals.

The Psychology Wellness Centre will be open virtually during specific hours for appointments. Carleton students looking for non-urgent assistance with goal-setting, time-management, support to improve wellness goals, and information on other available wellness services at Carleton will be able to access the virtual Psychology Wellness Centre by completing the request form below.

A Psychology Wellness Coach (PWC) will be available via a virtual (Zoom/MS Teams) meeting. Students can choose whether they want to have their camera on or off. As well, students can opt to use the chat function as their preferred means of communication with a PWC. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be emailed a link for the virtual meeting.

In case of emergency,

To reach Health and Counselling Services,

To reach Office of Student Affairs,