Women in Politics Group
During the Faculty of Public Affairs’ Research Month, students from the 2016 MPM Cohort hosted an event centred around engaging young women in politics. The event’s objective was to explore the ways to engage young women wishing to enter the political sphere (whether that be direct policy making, international activism, Non Government Organizations, government relations or communications).

Topics discussed throughout the day included: international activism and what you can do to impact policy in Canada; Political communication, how to strategically communicate policies to the media or your boss on the Hill; Policy development how to effectively coordinate and create policy that advances your party priorities or how to create policy from an outsider perspective; and how a Government Relations firm properly lobbies the government.

Workshop leaders included: Kate Harrison, an impressive Consultant at Summa Strategies, and also worked in the Department of National Defense (GR); Chaviva Hosek, currently a professor at the University of Toronto but also helped write the Liberal Red Book and held many prestigious policy positions over her career (Policy Development); Kathleen Monk, an expert in Strategic Communications and Public Affairs and has held various prominent positions such as Director of Strategic Communications for New Democrat leader Jack Layton (Communications); Julia Sanchez, currently the President and CEO of Canada’s Coalition to End Global Poverty, CCIC (International Activism/NGO). Megan Leslie from the New Democrat Party started off the event off by sharing some of her thoughts on her experiences from nomination through to sitting in the House and running for office.

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