Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC)

CUISIC Co-Chairs facilitate a discussion on-campus

CUISIC Co-Chairs lead an on-campus consultation session

The Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC) was formed in Fall 2018 to devise a concrete response to the federal government’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and forge stronger relationships with Inuit, First Nation and Métis on campus, in the Ottawa region and across the country.

Led by co-chairs Benny Michaud, Kahente Horn-Miller and Jerry Tomberlin, the committee is more than halfway through its mandate and has conducted more than 30 consultations – on campus and off – that included more than 370 people.

Theresa Hendricks

CUISIC Special Projects Officer Theresa Hendricks

CUISIC was endorsed by Carleton’s Board of Governors and Senate, which both passed formal motions showing full support of the committee’s work.

Supported by Special Projects Officer Theresa Hendricks, the committee is comprised of 33 members, which includes a broad representation of people from across campus and Indigenous communities.

Hiring Indigenous Faculty

In January 2019, Carleton University and Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA) issued a joint statement on working in partnership toward the goal of recruiting ten additional Indigenous tenure-track faculty members over the next two years.

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