Photo of Alicia Duval

Alicia Duval

Degrees:B.A. Psychology (2018)

Alicia Duval earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology in 2016, and she is now working towards her PhD in Clinical Psychology at McGill University! 

“I think the best advice that I have received and that I can give is to acknowledge that this is your journey! Don’t compare your progress to anyone else. Rejection is a learning experience, and to never take it personally in the academic world. Build relationships, network and get involved. If you are interested in graduate studies, ask a faculty member to volunteer in their lab! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Lastly, be comfortable with uncertainty. Things rarely go as planned, and that’s OK :).”

What skills did you learn in your BA that helped you in your current position?
The BA Psychology program at Carleton is very well structured and definitely helped bolster my research, communication and critical thinking skills. During my BA, I had the opportunity to get involved with research, present my undergraduate thesis the Ottawa Hospital Research Day event, learn and understand the application and interpretation of statistics, and complete my undergraduate thesis through the Ottawa Hospital.

What did you do after your BA?
I worked both as a clinical research assistant at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute with the Psychosocial Oncology Program and as a clinical research coordinator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute with the electrophysiology research group.

Do you have a favourite memory, or favourite instructor that had an impact on you here at Carleton?
This isn’t an easy question! I can tell you at least five professors who’ve made an impact. If I had to choose, I would definitely say John Weekes, who is now the Director of Research and Academics at Waypoint Centre. I took his addiction class and was a TA for him twice. He really emphasized getting involved and reaching out to professors. I think his approachable demeanor helped me recognize that the faculty are there to help you. He is very passionate, and it was clear that he wanted his students to succeed. His class was definitely one of the most engaging lecture-type courses I’ve taken at Carleton!