A Strong Research Orientation

The Department of Psychology has a strong research focus involving a diversity of research areas that span the discipline of psychology.

Our research orientation includes both determining fundamental processes underlying key psychological phenomena as well as their application to real-world contexts.

Browsing our research areas page will be useful if you are trying to secure a research supervisor, locate a volunteer opportunity, or simply learn more about research being conducted by our faculty and students.

Participating in Psychological Research

It is possible to participate in the research life on campus and receive participation credit for doing so. This can be accomplished by serving as a:

Conducting Research using the SONA System

If you are a researcher using the SONA system to recruit undergraduate psychology students to participate in your studies, please refer to this Researcher’s Guide to the Psychology SONA System.

Funding Support

To support this research, many of our student and faculty projects are supported by funding from the following agencies:

Collaboration throughout the Capital

Our diverse interests have resulted in several unique liaisons with research facilities throughout the capital region, enabling faculty and students to carry out collaborative projects with scientists from organizations such as:

  • Health Canada
  • Transportation and Communications
  • The Ottawa and Royal Ottawa Hospitals
  • The Ministries of Justice
  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • The Department of National Defence
  • Various laboratories within the National Research Council of Canada