These videos allow you to learn more about our faculty’s interests and research areas.

Dr. Michael Wohl discusses his research on human behaviour. Questions such as “Why do I think the way that I do?” and “Why do I think differently?” will be addressed.

Dr. Kevin Nunes discusses his research performed in the Aggressive Cognitions and Behaviour Research Lab.

Dr. Shelley Brown discusses her research in the gender and crime lab, specifically focusing on the study of girls and women who come in contact with the criminal justice system.

Dr. Johanna Peetz discusses her research interests in Social Psychology.

Dr. Adelle Forth, Director of the Psychopathy research lab at Carleton University, discusses her areas of research in psychopathy.

Dr. Joanna Pozzulo discusses the study of eye witness identification and what factors can impact accuracy and inaccuracy.

Dr. Avi Parush discusses the interaction between people and technology, specifically people and computers.

Dr. Monique Sénéchal discusses her research on understanding how children learn language and literacy from events.

Dr. John Logan explains his research in cognitive and language perception.

Dr. Shelley Parlow discusses her research on childhood development and learning disabilities.

Dr. Tina Daniels discusses her research on bullying.

Dr. Robert Coplan discusses his research on shyness in children.

Dr. John Zelenski talks about happiness.

Dr. Janet Mantler discusses why workers become withdrawn in the workplace and how other cope with entitlement.

Dr. Tim Pychyl talks about his research on why some people procrastinate.