Psychology Undergraduate Research Event (PURE)

This annual celebration of student achievement involves our 4th-year Undergraduate Honours students sharing their capstone research via poster presentations. This has become Carleton’s largest undergraduate research event. To help with this celebration of student achievement, we welcome fellow students and their families, members of the Department, and the University community to attend.

PURE was held in-person on Thursday April 13th, 2023. Students were supported by their friends, family, and members of the Department. Each student did an excellent job presenting their poster, but the following 6 students were selected to receive an outstanding presentation award. Congratulations!

Olivia Hum: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy as Treatment for Phobias

Chiara Mazza: Shattered Lives: Unravelling the Destructive Effects of Cults

Julia Wood: Safer Consumption Sites: Societal Benefits of Increased Implementation

Jacqueline Glover: Getting Flexible About Learning: Classroom Environment and Academics

Alexis Hinkson: WANTED: The Child Next Door? The SSPI-2 Measures Sexual Attraction to Children

Anna Van Leeuwen: Beyond the Headlines: Unpacking Media Portrayal of Psychopathy

The Department would also like to acknowledge and congratulate the following 3 students who were awarded the People’s Choice Award. These individuals were designated by the attendees of the event who were encouraged to vote for their favourite posters throughout the day. Congratulations!

Christine Wang: Adolescents Mental Health

Elena Khalil: Efficacy of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy in Adults Diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Amanda Hawes: Menopause Faced in Silence


Please submit any questions, comments, or suggestions to
We look forward to your participation.

This video introduces the regular “in person” Psychology Undergraduate Research Event. While it captures the spirit of presenting at PURE. See the video below to learn more about PURE.