Psychology Undergraduate Research Event (PURE)

*Please note that the Department has cancelled PURE 2020 because of concerns about COVID-19. We are all extremely disappointed by this turn of events. This may force your professor to make some modifications to your course evaluation. Your professor will provide this information to you directly.*

This annual celebration of student achievement involves our 4th-year undergraduate honours students sharing their capstone research via poster presentations. This has become Carleton’s largest undergraduate research event. To help with this celebration of student achievement, we welcomed fellow students and their families, members of the Department, and the University community.

Honours Thesis students complete a research study, which typically involves a literature review, data collection and analysis, and the preparation of a substantial paper. Participation by thesis students is optional, but strongly encouraged. Thesis presenters have an opportunity to earn awards for their work, including prizes associated to best poster, and a People’s Choice award.

Honours Project students enroll in a seminar and participate in a variety of learning activities (e.g., essays, briefing notes, presentations) designed to enhance writing and other vital skills. Project students present at PURE in partial fulfillment of a course requirement. Honours project presenters also have an opportunity to earn awards for their work.