Psychology Undergraduate Research Event (PURE)

This annual celebration of student achievement involves our 4th-year Undergraduate Honours students sharing their capstone research via poster presentations. This has become Carleton’s largest undergraduate research event. To help with this celebration of student achievement, we welcome fellow students and their families, members of the Department, and the University community to attend.

PURE was held virtually Wednesday, April 13, 2022. Traditionally, our event has been held in person at Carleton. 4th year thesis (PSYC 4907/4908) students create and print a research poster, and present it to fellow students, family members, friends, members of the Department, and the University community. This year, students presented their poster virtually. All were excellent, but the following 12 students were selected to receive an outstanding presentation award. Congratulations!

Chiara Mcculloch: Using the ACUTE-2007 In Men Convicted of Child Sexual Exploitation Offences

Emma Cummings: Examining How Rater-Conscientious Impacts the Predictive Validity of the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI)

Emma Holmes: The utility of Sketching after a week delay

Amelia Palumbo: The Costs and Benefits of Disclosing an Addiction

Cossette Charbonneau: What makes intergroup interaction demanding? The role of a diverse social circle on challenge and threat appraisal

Samantha Phillips: The Role of Education in Increasing Nature Relatedness and Minimizing Biophobia

Eryn Bonney-Brookman: The Effect of Shared book reading interventions on English Language Learners Vocabulary Development: A Meta-Analytic Review

Jayson Yung: Connecting a health-focused self-concept with orthorexia nervosa symptoms: The mediating roles of fear and disgust

Jipreet Kaur: Music Interventions and their effect on Language and Social skills in children with Autism

Christine Okigbo: Does Integrating Nature Into Instructional Materials Stimulate Academic Engagement? An Investigation Into the Effect of Nature Cues, Academic Engagement and Stress in University Students

Ryan Soltendieck: Delaying Sleep While-In-Bed: An Investigation of Trait Self-Control, In Bed Technology Use, and While-In-Bed Procrastination as an Explanation of Poor Sleep Outcomes

Isabel Borsodi: Building Vocational Identities: What Do Emerging Adults Vocational Identity Reveal About Successful Career Resources?

The Department would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Aisha Stenger-Elmas who will present the Project work Treatment of Trauma and PTSD at the first Undergraduate research virtual conference in military psychology, Wednesday, April 27. This event is organized by the Military psychology section of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Military Psychology and Leadership Department of RMC.

A Pet Prescription? It’s More Helpful than You Think! by Beth Charters

The motivation to increase your well-being and personal growth by Jeremy Reschke


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We look forward to your participation.

This video introduces the regular “in person” Psychology Undergraduate Research Event. While it captures the spirit of presenting at PURE. See the video below to learn more about PURE.