Centre for Applied Cognitive Research (CACR)

The Centre for Applied Cognitive Research brings together researchers who apply the knowledge and research findings from human cognition, perception, and attention to interesting real-world questions. Dr. Chris Herdman advises government and industry on how to design advanced displays for aircraft and land vehicles. Dr. John Logan examines the perception of spoken language in children and adults. Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre explores the role of language in number processing for both children and adults.

The members of the Centre receive funding from a variety of sources and are interested in sponsoring excellent graduate students in Cognition or Cognitive Science who are excited about linking basic and applied questions. Training and experience includes learning about fundamental methodology and statistics, and applying that knowledge through applied placements or involvement in applied projects.

Forensic Psychology Research Centre (FPRC)

Research conducted in the FPRC covers topics in correctional, legal, and police psychology. The mandate of the FPRC is to coordinate research activities in these areas and to disseminate the research findings to academic, government, and community partners. One of the ways in which the FPRC will disseminate research findings will be through public presentations and workshops, which will be announced on the website.

By viewing the website, you can find information about the people involved in the FPRC, upcoming conferences that may be of interest to you, FPRC events, publications by our members, and links to various agencies and organizations involved in the criminal justice field.

Pickering Centre for Research in Human Development

The vision of the Pickering Centre is to advanceĀ our understanding of child and adolescent developmentĀ and foster knowledge exchange among academic researchers and members of the community.