The Department of Psychology offers numerous options for students hoping to combine in-class learning with experience in applied environments. All provide an opportunity to make valuable contacts, cultivate the professional skills associated with success, engage with Psychology outside the classroom, and become more involved with career planning. They also provide opportunities for employers to work with highly-motivated students possessing a variety of skills that are valued in the workplace.

Psychology Co-op student Chelsea Medland at Carleton’s Career Services


What is Psychology’s Co-operative Education Option? How do I apply? What’s it like to be part of co-op? Start Here.

Learn how the Research Process Unfolds

Psychology Research Lab Volunteer

Are you interested in gaining experience with the research process? Want to work with a faculty member and fellow students? Looking to earn Co-Curricular Record credit? Start Here.


Taylor Essery (right) working at Carleton’s Career Services

Practicum in Community Psychology

Want to learn how to serve the community and earn 0.5 credit along the way? Care to access the course InfoPack which includes an FAQ for those curious about the practicum and those enrolled in the course? Start Here.

Spark Lifecare: Careers in Support Services

Spark Lifecare is a social enterprise that connects families and individuals with caring healthcare workers and caregivers who can provide respite care for children, youth, and adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Come learn about this organization where you can make a difference! There are two Spark sessions to choose from (each info session will include the story of Spark Lifecare, career exploration, employment opportunities, company culture, skills they’re looking for, and more).

Two info session dates to choose from:

  • Tuesday, November 9, 12pm-1pm
  • Wednesday, November 10, 12pm-1pm

For more information and to register, log into mySuccess via Carleton Central and go to the “Workshops/Events” tab to find the “Co-op & Career Events/Workshops” calendar.