Carleton’s Career Services offers a comprehensive list of psychology-related skills.

Here is a list of skills you will gain from a degree in Psychology.

At any point during your degree program, you should be in a position to discuss the various skills that you are working on and skills that you plan to acquire. Take ownership over your learning.

Carleton Psychology Career Resources

Co-op and Career Services
  • This Carleton service offers a variety of resources in-person and online including job postings, career workshops, and career exploration tools. They are also available for one-on-one consultations that can involve job search coaching, resume review, interview preparation and a wide-range of other services.
mySuccess Portal
  • Available through Student Support Services in Carleton Central
  • Search for jobs, volunteer positions and internships
  • Book career advising appointments
  • Register for workshops, employer recruitment and information sessions
  • Create an online resume and portfolio
Career Assessment Tools
  • Career Cruising
  • TypeFocus

External Psychology Career Resources

CPA – Planning a Career in Psychology: A Canadian Perspective for University Bound and Beginning University Students (2009)
  • Subfields of Psychology
  • How to become a professional Psychologist
  • Is Psychology the Right Choice for Me?
  • Occupational Outlook
  • How to Succeed in University
CPA – A Career in Psychology
  • What is a Psychologist?
  • What Do Psychologists Do?
CPA – Careers in and Related to Psychology
  • Employment Prospects for Individuals with a B.A. or B.Sc. in Psychology
American Psychological Association – Careers in Psychology
  • An introduction to psychology, the kinds of work psychologists do, and the training required to become a psychologist.
Careers In The Field of Psychology