It’s all about the skills!

Throughout your Carleton Psychology program, you will have opportunities to acquire and refine a variety of skills that will contribute to your personal, intellectual, and social development.

You will also be developing skills that will enhance your desirability in the workforce:

  • critical thinking
  • research
  • communication skills.

Carleton’s Career Services offers a more complete list of psychology-related skills. For a broader consideration of skills, the Conference Board of Canada has compiled a list of skills that are associated with gaining employment and advancing a career.

We encourage you to be considering skills as you approach all of your on and off-campus learning.

For example, writing a paper involves more than just trying to earn a grade. Rather, it provides an opportunity to communicate, manage information, think and solve problems. A class with oral presentations should not be avoided, as you would miss out on a valuable opportunity to practice an important skill.

At any point during your degree program, you should be in a position to discuss the various skills that you are working on and skills that you plan to acquire. Take ownership over your learning.

What’s the most important thing that I should know?

It may be a cliché and you’ve likely heard this before: it’s important to be working in an area about which you have passion and a desire to learn.

Being engaged with your studies and career will contribute to your health, happiness, and productivity. Please know that is normal for it to take some time to figure out your path and where you belong; most of your colleagues are in the same position.

Thankfully, there are numerous resources along the way and there are plenty of people willing to help.