Contract Instructors Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Contract Instructors Email Office
Ahuja, Tarry N/A
Aubin, Peter N/A
Bezo, Brent A500B LA
Blouin-Hudon, Eve-Marie A500B LA
Bonneville, Alyssa N/A
Bullock, Amanda A500B LA
Cooper, Suzanne N/A
Guler-Edwards, Ayca B540 LA
Hawthorne, Herman A508 LA
Hipson, William N/A
Hutcheon, Bruce B540 LA
Lassiter, Kim A508 LA
Magner, Katherine B544 LA
Mailloux, Donna A508 LA
Menard, Lisa B544 LA
Offman, Alia B540 LA
O’Keefe, Damian N/A
O’Neil, Kim A508 LA
Ooi, Laura B540 LA
Pardoel, Kate N/A
Prakash, Kavita B540 LA
Quigley, Danielle B540 LA
Ruci, lorena A500B LA
Thake, Jennifer N/A
Verger, Dean A508 LA
Waddington-Lamont, Elaine B544 LA

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