Photo of Annik Mossiere

Annik Mossiere

Degrees:M.A. Psychology (2012)

Annik Mossiere earned a Master of Arts in Psychology in 2012 from Carleton University, and, following graduation, pursued a career as a Registered Doctoral Psychologist with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

“I developed strong research skills, and an appreciation for research and clear dissemination of study findings.  Through my degree, I also acquired core forensic foundation knowledge that has been a huge asset working in the field.”

What did you do after your degree in psychology?

After completing my MA in Psychology at Carleton (with a focus on Forensic Psychology), I went on to do a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. My specific areas of research and clinical interest include forensics and trauma. I’ve worked primarily with offender populations in custody and in the community (providing therapy services and court-based assessments), as well as with RCMP and military/veteran personnel.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about joining Psychology at Carleton?
The amazing forensic faculty (including those cross-appointed with Psychology from the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice)  provide a fantastic opportunity to develop key skills for future career aspirations. They are knowledgeable and leaders in the field. Linking up with any of them would be a worthwhile pursuit.