Photo of Chris Motz

Chris Motz

Instructor III

Degrees:M.A. (Carleton)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1449
Office:A824 Loeb Building, Specific hours vary by semester, also available by appointment


My current position is focused on teaching; this is a perfect fit for me, as teaching is one of my passions. My initial interests in Psychology lead me to the Relationships Lab of Dr. Marian Morry at the University of Manitoba, and the Social Diversity Lab of Dr. Kim Matheson at Carleton University. The focus of my research was on the underlying structures of prejudicial attitudes and ways of attenuating those attitudes. My current research is focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. I am currently working on a book that examines the research on learning and applies this toward academic success in a university environment. As part of this work, I am also using this research to build a practical web series on academic success.

Please check out my YouTube channel: The Science of Academic Success


The faculty position that I hold is focused on the teaching of psychology to our undergraduate students here at Carleton.  I am continually working to develop my abilities as an educator. I believe that learning is a dynamic and interactive process.  To this end, I have been working to create “learning communities” both at the faculty level as well as learning communities for students.  Additionally, I will continue to work on research and applications that challenge myself to excel as a post-secondary instructor, and in doing this it is also my aim to be able to continue to learn from, and contribute to, the community involved in teaching and learning in higher education.

Additional Background

My first degree is a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba (majoring in math!).  I very quickly realized that I preferred a more academic environment, so I returned to the University of Manitoba to do another bachelor’s degree, but this time in Psychology.  I then came to Carleton and earned my Master of Arts Degree in Psychology.  During all this time in school, I worked a variety of jobs, including: working for more than a decade in a hospital; playing gigs (and earning money!) as a jazz musician in local bars, clubs, and coffee shops; teaching in the public school system; working at the alumni call centre as a fundraiser; working as a camp counsellor at band camp; and working as a teaching assistant and contract instructor at Carleton.  I am also a total jazz fanatic.  In addition to playing saxophone (and a few other instruments), I have hosted a jazz radio program, emceed the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, and played lead alto with the University of Manitoba Jazz Ensemble for nine years.  It warrants mentioning that I am the president of the Matthew Sorley Fan Club.