Photo of Daniella Filoso

Daniella Filoso

Degrees:B.A. Psychology Honours (2019)

Danielle Filoso graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology.  Danielle is currently a Master of Science student in forensic psychology at Ontario Tech University.

“The faculty are excellent and the course content is super interesting. On top of that, if you actively seek out different opportunities, you will definitely learn so much in that way as well.”

What skills did you learn in your BA that helped you in your current position?

I learned immensely about the research process as a whole. During my BA, I had the chance to volunteer in different research labs, take statistics courses, and complete and undergraduate thesis. I believe that each of these experiences provided me with unique learning opportunities that help me today as a graduate student.

Do you have a favourite memory, or favourite instructor that had an impact on you here at Carleton?

My favourite memory would have to be completing my honours thesis and then presenting it at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Event. My favourite instructor would have to be Dr. Smith (who is no longer teaching at Carleton). I got to take his Eyewitness Memory course and he also supervised my thesis