Photo of Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black

Degrees:B.A. Honours Psychology & Women's Studies (2005)

Kathleen Black earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology & Women’s Studies in 2005, and, following graduation, created her own business and ventured into the real estate field.

“Carleton is a beautiful campus location, and Ottawa is a great city to live in and experience. I found the experience positive. I am happy I choose Carleton for psychology, which lead me to transitioning into my actual passion for mindset and performance in business and life.”¬†

What is your current position of employment or schooling?
CEO РPerformance Strategist 

What skills did you learn in your BA that helped you in your current position?
Analysis and strategic thinking represent the foundation of my business. These skills were enhanced during my BA.

What did you do after your BA?
Real Estate, Found and run a 7 Figure coaching company, Author Top 1% Life, Speak Internationally