Photo of Namrata Peri

Namrata Peri

Degrees:B.Sc. Psychology. Honours (2015)

Namrata Peri earned a Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology in 2015, and, following graduation, began working for a non-profit organization as a fundraiser. Namrata soon learned that her education helped her develop an ability to understand and effectively communicate to her constituents, thus resulting in strong revenue and recruitment results. Namrata later turned her focus on a marketing and communications role. Namrata currently serves as a Marketing Manager with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

“Pursuing a degree in Psychology at Carleton will set you up for success in any industry. Your education will help you understand the people and world around you, a skill that is highly sought after no matter the role. Plus, learning at Carleton, a school that feels more like a community than an institution, makes the entire educational experience an enjoyable one and will have a long-lasting positive impact on your life.”

What skills did you learn in your degree here at Carleton that helped you in your current position?

Successful marketing is dependent on an innate understanding of the audience. What are their thoughts and desires? What motivates them to make a decision and how do they feel when they do?

My degree in Psychology was the perfect education to have when entering the world of marketing and communications. The ability to identify and interpret an individual or group’s thoughts and feelings enables me to be a successful marketer, and to make a very real impact on the communities around me.

Not only is my education impacting my campaign work, it has made me a better people manager ultimately allowing me to climb the career ladder faster than most my age.

Do you have a favourite memory, or favourite instructor that had an impact on you here at Carleton? 

My thesis project supervisor in my last year was incredible! That last year was when I was in the thick of being uncertain about the value of my Psychology education and my supervisor spoke so candidly about how having a degree in Psychology didn’t mean that I needed to become a clinical psychologist, go to med school, or go into research. Psychology has practical applications in every facet of life and if I found a role or industry that I was interested in, I would be able to make my degree worth while.

I also credit my supervisor with making my essay experience a painless and enjoyable one (a rare experience, I believe)! So much so, that I finished it one week early because I was enjoying the process so much.