Carleton University is committed to providing personal safety and security to the campus community. Offices, computer labs and research labs are installed with alarms capable of integrating with wireless panic alarms.

Procedure for Obtaining a Panic Pendant Wireless Personal Alarm

Individuals interested in obtaining a pendant panic alarm must have approval from authorized personnel in the respective department and the department concerned must complete a Request for Alarm System (Panic Alarm).

Requisition Form for each individual requesting a pendant panic alarm

The form must have an appropriate authorization signature (i.e. the Department Administrator or her/his designate). This form should then be forwarded to the Campus Safety Services- Technical Services, which must be in receipt of the authorization before a pendant panic alarm will be issued. Copies of the requisition form are available from the Campus Safety Services or you may download the form (Word .doc).

Terms and Conditions

A pendant panic alarm will only be issued to those persons having a valid reason to enter buildings outside normal working hours or persons working late in offices, computer labs and research labs.

The pendant panic alarm must be picked up from the Campus Safety Services, 203 Robertson Hall, by the individual user. The applicant must sign for the panic alarm and provide valid photo identification (i.e. student/staff card). – Current hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The user agrees to have the panic alarm tested at the dispatch centre in room 203 Robertson Hall on a weekly basis and batteries replaced every six months. A panic alarm may be used in emergency situations or in a situation where a person’s safety may be compromised.

Pendant panic alarms remain the property of Carleton University and must be returned to the Campus Safety Services-Technical Services when they are no longer required. This is a free service. However, a charge will be applied to lost, stolen, or damaged panic alarms.

Lost, stolen, or damaged pendant panic alarms must be reported immediately to the Campus Safety Services Patrol Office (203 Robertson Hall) and to the concerned department in order to receive authorization for a replacement pendant panic alarm. Please note that a charge will apply for lost, stolen or damaged pendants. A replacement may be obtained from the Campus Safety Services, 203 Robertson Hall. You will be contacted to pick up your replacement pendant, when it is available.

Dated: January 16, 2008