The Board met in person on December 6, 2022.  Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Board of Governors website once available. The following are the highlights from the meeting:

Campus Master Plan Update – Emerging Themes

Since beginning in April 2022, with the assistance of consultant Brook McIlroy (BMI), more than 800 people have participated in consultations on the current update of Carleton’s Campus Master Plan. Nine key themes have emerged: Strengthening the Natural Campus; Mixed-use Complete Campus; Indigenous Culture and Inclusion; Legible Campus; Collaborative and Outward-Facing Campus; Sustainability; Balanced Access; Health and Wellness; and Buildings and Architecture. A draft of the updated Campus Master Plan is to be presented to the Board of Governors in March and will be posted on the Campus Master Plan website to allow for final review and comment by the campus community.

Implementation of EDI Action Plan

The Board received a presentation on the ongoing implementation of Carleton’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. An update was provided on each of the ten interconnected strategic actions, along with highlights on the continuous efforts being made to integrate and embed EDI principles into the core activities and academic mission of our institution. Learn more about the progress being made across campus.

New Names for Three Campus Buildings

The Board approved new, meaningful names for three of our main campus buildings. Following the launch of this initiative in winter 2021, three distinct community-led processes have resulted in the bestowing of three beautiful and meaningful names chosen by the Algonquin; Inuit; and African, Caribbean and Black communities. In each instance, it was acknowledged that the university will go beyond the naming itself and commit to additional inclusion initiatives that will accompany and complement the new names. More details about the new names—Nideyinàn, Pigiarvik and Teraanga Commons— are available on the Provost’s website.

Operating Budget 2023/24 Framework

The Board approved Carleton’s budget planning framework for the fiscal 2023/24 year. Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Jerry Tomberlin outlined the current fiscal situation for the Ontario Higher Education sector and emphasized the need for caution in developing the operating budget, which will be presented for approval in April. At this time, the university is aiming for a balanced operating budget for 2023/24.

Digital Strategy

The Board received a presentation from Associate Vice-President (Teaching & Learning) David Hornsby, Associate Vice-President (ITS) and Chief Information Officer Marc Dabros; and Director, Office of Quality Initiatives Nancy Arnold on the Digital Strategy that has been in development for the past year. Key elements of the strategy include enhancing the digital governance structure with a new IT Policy Framework, better alignment of the digital planning cycle with the university’s overall budget and planning cycle, and enhancing the digital culture at Carleton.

Engineering Design Centre Construction Update

An update on the construction of the Engineering Design Center (EDC), slated for full completion in January 2023, was also provided to the Board. The EDC project provides the Faculty of Engineering and Design (FED) with a state-of-the-art facility for engineering projects, which will enhance FED’s ability to attract and retain top talent and deliver enhanced instruction.

President’s Report

President Bacon provided an update on recent activities and accomplishments that have taken place at Carleton since the September Board meeting. Please have a look at the full President’s Report.

Governor Spotlight: Meredith Porter, Community-at-Large

Meredith Porter is an Objibway lawyer who works as an Independent External Decision-Maker, providing independent, external oversight of Structured Intervention Units in federal correctional institutions. Throughout her career, Ms. Porter has persistently advocated for improved cross-cultural understandings, trauma-informed services, and a justice system that is responsive to the needs of individuals suffering serious mental health issues, experiences of violence, and racism. Meredith joined Carleton’s Board of Governors in 2022 as a community representative for a three-year term. Learn more about Meredith

Next Meeting: March 9, 2023

The next Board of Governors meeting is scheduled for March 9, 2023.  Open session meeting materials are posted one week in advance of each meeting. More information on items approved, as well as minutes from previous meetings, can be found on the Board of Governors website.


Greg Farrell
FCPA, FCA, Chair, Carleton University Board of Governors