The Board met in person on October 10, 2023. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Board of Governors website once available. The following are the highlights from the meeting:

Teraanga Commons Dining Hall & Kitchen Expansion – Project Implementation Report

Having approved the new 450-bed residence building at Carleton University to address the increasing demand for residence beds, the board received and approved an implementation report that aims to increase the dining seats by 450, to accommodate the anticipated rise in the number of students in Carleton Residences.

The primary focus of the project is the design and construction of an expansion to the existing dining and kitchen facilities within Teraanga Commons.

Annual Financial Statements for year ended April 30, 2023, and Audit Findings Report

The board received and approved the Consolidated Financial Statements and Audit Findings Report. The audit report was issued without qualification.

The Consolidated Financial Statements were prepared by management and audited by the external auditors KPMG LLP. As part of their audit, KPMG prepared the Audit Findings Report, which describes the audit process, identifies audit risks and results, and highlights internal control observations. The report indicated there were no significant changes or differences requiring adjustment and the statements were presented fairly, in all material respects.

Senate Annual Report

The Clerk of Senate, Elinor Sloan, presented Senate’s Annual Report on the work it has completed between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. As the highest academic body at Carleton, Senate is responsible for making decisions that pertain to students and faculty, including: approving graduates, new programs, revising curricula, and endorsing or approving university strategies or reports etc.

It is highlighted that the Senate held eight in-person meetings on campus, received nine community presentations. The Senate also approved: 6,503 graduates, 256 medalists, eight honorary degrees, 8 new programs, 14 new minors, concentrations, streams & specializations, 20 cyclical reviews, and two revised policies.

Sexual Violence Annual Report 2022-2023

As stipulated in the Carleton University Sexual Violence Policy, the Board is required to receive an annual report on Sexual Violence. A notable highlight from this report is that from May 2022 to April 2023, the Carleton University Sexual Assault Support Centre (CUSASC) provided 78.5 hours of sexual violence prevention and response training to more than 1,341 members of the community. The Board also received an update on the ongoing implementation of the 2020 Honouring Each Other Report – sexual violence prevention strategy. This three-year blueprint aims to engage all campus members in creating a safer environment through various activities. The strategy is regularly updated to reflect evolving practices and cultural dynamics.

The 2022 work plans have been implemented and focus areas for 2023/24 include an intersectional approach to training, collaboration with national networks, and proactive prevention initiatives. The university remains committed to fostering consent culture and bystander intervention.

President’s Report

Interim President Tomberlin provided an update on recent activities and accomplishments that have taken place at Carleton since the June Board meeting. Read the full President’s Report.

Governor Spotlight: Jim Devoe, Community-At-Large

Jim Devoe, CEO of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) since 2012, is an avid advocate for off-reserve status and non-status, Southern Inuit, and Métis Indigenous Peoples across Canada. Jim brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. His leadership journey includes work with Renfrew County Child and Family Services and as the Executive Director of Caldwell Family Centre, where he transformed and expanded their services.

In addition to his professional endeavours, he has demonstrated a strong dedication to his community by active participation in multiple boards including: The White Ribbon Campaign, Crime Prevention Ottawa (Chairperson) and Mothercraft Ottawa (President). Learn more about Jim Devoe.

Next meeting: December 5, 2023

The next meeting of the 2023/2024 Board year is scheduled for December 5, 2023. Open session meeting materials are posted one week in advance of each meeting. More information on items approved, as well as minutes from previous meetings, can be found on the Board of Governors website.


Greg Farrell, FCPA, FCA

Chair, Carleton University Board of Governors