The Board met in person on March 6, 2024. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Board of Governors website once they are available. The following are the highlights from the meeting:

Research and International Update

The Board received a comprehensive update on research activities and achievements that took place at Carleton University. Key successes since the last Board meeting are the following: positive impact on the university’s reputation after the many achievements of our outstanding faculty, a total of 2,757 publications and a total of 113,064 citations. Furthermore, the presentation outlined the university’s research priorities, including sustaining research productivity, enhancing post-award support, building reputation, strengthening international activities, and expanding community engagement. The second part of the presentation focused on the International Strategic Plan for 2020-2025. The plan aims to enhance the university’s global reputation in research and teaching, nurture global citizens, respond to societal needs, expand international research and funding and increase student diversity while acknowledging and navigating geopolitical instability and immigration challenges.

Ancillary Services Budget 2024-25

The Board approved the budget for 2024-25 Ancillary Services. This budget aims to generate revenue to cover service costs and establish reserves for future capital improvements. It includes increases in rates and fees, expected revenue, anticipated operating costs, and capital reinvestment plans. The University completed facility assessments in 2023-2024 and developed capital plans to prioritize necessary work and identify funding for long-term investment needs for all ancillary units.

Decommissioning of P9 Parking Garage

The Board approved the Project Planning Report for the decommissioning of P9 Parking Garage. Constructed in 1969, the P9 parking garage is now 55 years old and continues to show progressive deterioration. In 2018, extensive cracking was observed in five beams, and it was agreed that maintaining the garage over an extended period would be cost prohibitive and would require demolition. A five-year expenditure plan was prepared, targeting a 2024 decommissioning date. The P9 decommissioning project will allow Carleton to safely demolish the aging structure, which has reached the end of its useful life, and will eliminate the need for continued investment in maintaining a deteriorated asset.

President’s Report

Interim President Jerry Tomberlin provided an update on recent activities and accomplishments that have taken place at Carleton since the December 5, 2023, Board meeting. Read the full President’s Report.

Governor Spotlight: Mat Main

Mat is the Vice-President of Corporate Development at Dymech Engineering, responsible for supporting and executing various Corporate Development initiatives such as licensing, partnerships, and intellectual property. He participates in due diligence and strategic intelligence-gathering activities related to new platforms, licenses, partnerships, and service offerings. Mat is also the President of the Carleton University Alumni Association, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, and has served as Vice-President since 2016. He is a mentor in the Alumni Mentors Program, Chair of the Program Advisory Committee – Welding and Fabrication Techniques with Algonquin College, and a Guide in the Licensure Assistance Program with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Read more about Mat Main.

Next Meeting: April 30, 2024

The next Board of Governors meeting is scheduled for April 30, 2024. Open session meeting materials are posted one week in advance of each meeting. More information on items approved, as well as minutes from previous meetings, can be found on the Board of Governors website