Photo of Jerzy (Jurek) Elżanowski

Jerzy (Jurek) Elżanowski

Assistant Professor

Degrees:M.Arch. Professional (McGill), D.Phil. / Ph.D. (Bauhaus Weimar / UBC)
Phone:613 520 2600 x 4036
Office:DT 1203

Joint Appointments:
School of Architecture and Urbanism
Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture

Faculty Affiliation:
Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies


Interdisciplinary Team Contenders for Venice Biennale:
Recent Course Abroad: Heritage and Memory in Canada and Central Europe
German-Canadian Research Exchange: Processes: Curation, Consultation, Conservation

Research Interests

I explore the relationships between architecture, violence and commemoration in Europe and Canada. My current research projects focus on a) the history and historiography of urban war damage, including excavations and exhibitions of war-damaged objects as well as archival bomb damage and destruction surveys and maps; b) recent commemorative strategies in the National Capital Region, particularly the proposed Holocaust and Communism memorials; c) multi-vocal consultation methodologies for engaging communities in design for public installations. I continue to experiment with joint architectural and humanities pedagogies, both in my teaching and through collaborative projects in the fields of architectural conservation pedagogy and curatorial studies.  My general research interests include:

  • Politics of urban commemoration
  • Artificial ruins / ruin aesthetics / ruin photography
  • Holocaust commemoration / Holocaust tourism
  • Curatorial practices at museums of war and conflict

Selected Publications

Courses Taught (2014-2018)

Fall 2017 – Winter 2018

  • CDNS 5401, Fall 2017: Heritage Conservation I: History, Principles, and Concepts (Theme: The ‘Heritage’ of Heritage Concepts)
  • CLMD 6106, Fall 2017: Historical Representation and Historical Memory (Theme: Landscape, Bodies, and Cultural Memory Practice)
  • CDNS 1002, Winter 2018: Themes in the Study of Canada (Theme: Self-Knowledge and Collective Memory)
  • CDNS 4400, Winter 2018: Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Identities in Canada (Theme: Wandering the Landscape)

Fall 2016

Fall 2015 – Winter 2016

  • CDNS 5401, Fall 2015: Heritage Conservation I: History, Principles, and Concepts
  • CDNS 1002, Fall 2015: Themes in the Study of Canada (Theme: Contextualizing Urban Praxis in Canada and Abroad)
  • CDNS 3600, Winter 2016: Cultural Politics and Identities in Canada (Theme: Constructing Suburban Identities)
  • CDNS 4000, Winter 2016: Capstone Seminar in Advanced Research in Canadian Studies (Theme: Writing in Section; collaboration with ARCS 4106)

Fall 2014 – Winter 2015

  • CDNS 5401, Fall 2014: Heritage Conservation I: History, Principles, and Concepts
  • CDNS 4901, Winter 2015: Special Topics: “What’s the matter with suburbia?”
  • CDNS 4400, Winter 2015: Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Identity in Canada (Theme: Landscape in Section)