I am Hana, a first-year student in the Master of Public Policy and Administration. I was initially drawn to the program here at Carleton because of its favorable location in the capital and the co-op option offered through the program. I am originally from BC so the change from a ‘west-coast’ perspective was quite a shock for me at the beginning. I did not anticipate some of the stark differences I experienced between some conversations with both my classmates and professors. However, I found the different sorts of conversations I was having with my classmates to be challenging and helped widen my perspective and understanding of Canada and allowed me to bring my own unique ‘west-coast’ perspectives to the table. The professors in the program have been great at facilitating these kinds of conversations and have allowed me to push many of my ideas I have gained during my undergrad experience further both academically and professionally. I am excited to start my first co-op term in the federal government this summer and gain some hands-on experience before entering the ‘real-world’ and beginning my professional career.