“I worked in various roles for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for 12 years before joining SPPA,” says PhD in Public Policy student Alex MacLellan. “Most recently, I worked as a researcher looking at various labour market issues immigrants face. I also studied the master’s in public administration program at Dalhousie University, and before that I completed a bachelor of business administration in finance and economics. I have also been volunteering to help with teaching English as a secondary language at the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization.”

“I found out about the School during my master’s studies. The faculty and other students were well aware of its impressive reputation,” MacLellan says. “I was already living and working in the National Capital Region, so many of my colleagues at ESDC were familiar with SPPA. I wanted to do my PhD at the School since it has a strong reputation in Canada. The access to the National Capital Region, the unique opportunity to collaborate with public servants and being able to learn from so many faculty and students at the top of their fields compelled me to study here.” 

“I love collaborating with so many faculty and students and learning from their diverse interests and backgrounds. I think it enriches the intellectual journey to be exposed to many ideas. Collaboration is of course essential to anyone with any role in policy-making.

It’s also great socially and I’ve made many new friends. This has me even more excited to pursue a new career as a professor where I can deepen this collaboration. I look forward to guiding students to the many career paths a public administration degree offers and pursuing a research topic about which I am very passionate.”