Photo of Daniel Caron

Daniel Caron

Adjunct Professor

Daniel J. Caron is a professor at l’École nationale d’administration publique where he is the holder of the Research chair on information resources management. He also teaches program evaluation at Carleton University ‘s School of Public Policy and Administration. His areas of expertise and research include information resources management, evaluation of program and public policy and aboriginal issues. He is currently one of the co-chairs of the panel on transparency and open government at the International Research Society of Public Management. His research efforts focus on the impact of digital technologies on the use of information resources in the functioning of the State and public organizations. He has published numerous articles in the field of public administration. In 2011, he published Web HT.0. Pour une société informée : la pertinence numérique et ses défis pour les sociétés démocratiques au 21e siècle at Editions Hermann, Paris. His latest book, L’Homme imbibé, was published in spring 2014 and focuses on issues related to the digital environment and its impact on the development of individual code of interpretation in our societies. Prior to being fully engaged in academic work, Daniel J. Caron worked for more than thirty years in the Canadian Public Service. His last position was Deputy Head of Library and Archives Canada. He holds a BA and an MA in Economics from Université Laval and a PhD in Applied Human Sciences from Université de Montréal.