Photo of Shawn Drake

Shawn Drake

PhD Candidate

Shawn Drake’s research focuses on the impact of institutional culture and whether and to what extent that “cultural bias” impacts the “approaches, strategies and techniques” deployed as part of policy analytic routine. Unsurprisingly, there can be variation within and across Ministries and Departments in how policy analysis is carried out. Some of that variation may be purposeful and even strategic; or accounted for given the subject matter. Policy analysis is however a core business practice of the public service.

Given the strides in maturity of policy analysis as a profession (i.e., common curricula of education programs and some identification of leading practices in the literature), an understanding of factors truly driving uptake in approach is important and timely.

His inspiration includes a model of “policy analysis by cultural bias” presented by Prof. Iris Geva-May in the early 2000s which his study operationalizes for the very first time; using a battery of quantitative and qualitative tools. Shawn sought interest in a doctoral program given his professional work sustaining healthcare service delivery across a number of health systems. He completed his MSc in Organization Analysis King’s College London and undergrad in Political Science at Simon Fraser.

He is involved with initiatives dedicated to strategic health human resources involving the ICPA-Forum scholarly society’s international practitioner panel, the Canadian College of Healthcare Leaders, and HealthCareCan.