Photo of Krystal Kehoe MacLeod

Krystal Kehoe MacLeod

PhD Graduate

Krystal Kehoe MacLeod is an interdisciplinary scholar with training in the life sciences, international development studies and public policy and administration. Her doctoral research, supported by an Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award and the Canadian Policy Research Network, is a comparative study of promising practices in integrated health and social care programs for the vulnerable elderly in Canada. This research sheds light on gaps in the provision of integrated home care in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and proposes evidence-informed recommendations for improvements to the delivery of health care for seniors aging at home. Krystal’s recent publications include articles/book chapters on social exclusion in caregivers, the intricacies of ethnographic methodologies for research in long-term residential care homes and the application of social enterprise to the delivery of elder care in the community. Krystal teaches health and social policy and research methods at the graduate and undergraduate levels for the Department of Health Sciences, the School of Social Work and the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University. Her research and teaching are informed by her experience as a policy analyst with the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and Cabinet Office with the Ontario Government and the Department of Health with the Government of New South Wales, Australia. Krystal lives in rural Ottawa where she satisfies her secondary interests in food security and sustainable agriculture by operating a hobby farm, orchard and apiary.