Photo of Grace Martin

Grace Martin

PhD Candidate

Grace Martin is interested in sustainable, ethical, and holistic fisheries and water management, informed by interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research approaches. Grace’s doctoral research looks at evolving co-management governance structures related to Northern Great Lakes ecosystems, bringing together principles from public policy, social science, economics, Indigenous knowledges, genomics, and aquatic ecology. She is a Research Assistant for 1) FISHES (Fostering Indigenous Small‐scale fisheries for Health, Economy, and Food Security – Genome Canada), and 2) the Modern Treaties Implementation Research Project (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). Grace’s background is in environmental policy and science, with previous roles in the Canadian government and the UK water industry. She holds a Master of Public Policy and Administration (Carleton), a Master of Science in biology (Waterloo), and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in environmental biology (Queen’s).