Can you give a general overview of what you do now?

For the last 2 years, I have been mainly working as a freelance visual storyteller and science communicator. This basically means that I use filmmaking and photography to amplify the stories behind the data in order to help connect non-experts to often complex topics. In the non-profit and research worlds, this sort of storytelling-style marketing can be really beneficial in landing grants and media attention, or selling a product or service. I’ll work with mostly small organizations or companies that have a really incredible story behind the work they are doing, but don’t know how to best show it off. This is the ultimate struggle with a lot of science and is only going to become more important with time. I’m also a huge outdoors enthusiast so I’ve worked on a number of creative projects that involve activities like biking, paddling, backcountry camping, and cross country skiing. To fill in any lapses in freelance work, I’ve been doing some contract work over the last year as a project manager and creative producer for an app that has its own clients and projects.

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