Dr. Steve Cooke and Dr. Vivian Nguyen  are looking at the impact on shorelines and ecosystems due to the increase in use of provincial waterways and increased construction of cottages in urban areas. Equipped with a new two-year, $533,660 Alliance Missions Grant from Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) will catalog how these pressures are impacting aquatic ecosystems. The research seeks to develop a stronger scientific base about what is happening to these ecosystems, and what must be done to protect them. As part of this broader project, researchers at Carleton University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the University of Ottawa, and Toronto Metropolitan University will examine these changes from a biological perspective, an engineering perspective, and a human dimensions perspective.

Dr. Cooke will focus on the biological perspective of this research and Dr. Nguyen will focus on the human dimensions perspective of this research at Carleton University. Dr. Cooke’s research focuses on issues such as fish migration, fish-hydropower interactions, the sustainability of recreational fisheries, aquatic habitat restoration, the movement ecology of fish, the ecology of stress in wild fish. Dr. Nguyen’s research seeks to solve today’s environmental and societal challenges such as natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, climate change adaptation, food insecurity.

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