Photo of Joseph Bennett

Joseph Bennett

Associate Professor

Degrees:B.Sc., M.Sc. (Queen’s), Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3124
Office:Office: 4441 Herzberg Building
Lab: 4690 CTTC Building
Website:Visit my lab website

Current Research

My research areas include conservation prioritization, threatened species, invasion ecology, environmental policy and spatial statistics. I have a particular interest in practical questions regarding invasive species control and management to protect threatened species. My work in these areas aims to provide conservation agencies with useful tools that allow them to achieve better results within their limited budgets. I also undertake ecological and social research to help improve Canadian environmental policy. My study systems include polar regions, temperate grasslands and lakes, and boreal forests.

Recent research questions include the following:

  • How do we optimize monitoring across space and time, to better achieve management goals?
  • How do we better locate threatened species that are difficult to find using conventional surveys?
  • What role can citizen science play in conservation?
  • How do we efficiently allocate resources to save more species from extinction?

Selected Publications

Buxton, R. T., Avery-Gomm, S., Lin, H.-Y., Smith, P. A., Cooke, S. J., and Bennett, J. R. 2020. Half of resources in threatened species conservation plans are allocated to research and monitoring. Nature Communications. e4668.

Turcotte, A., Kermany, N., Foster, S., Proctor, C. A., Gilmour, S. M., Doria, M., Sebes, J., Whitton, J., Cooke, S. J., and Bennett, J. R. 2021. Fixing the Canadian Species at Risk Act: Identifying major issues and recommendations for increasing accountability and efficiency. FACETS.

Lin, H.-Y., Binley, A. D., Schuster, R., Rodewald, A. D., Buxton, R. T., and Bennett, J. R. 2022. Using community science data to help identify threatened species occurrences outside of known ranges. Biological Conservation 268: 109523.

Bergman, J. N., Buxton, R. T., Lin, H.-Y, Attinello, K. Hajdasz, A. C., Rivest, S. A., Nguyen, T. T., Cooke, S. J., Bennett, J. R. 2022. Evaluating the benefits and risks of social media for wildlife conservation. FACETS 7: 360-397.

Hanson, J. O., McCune, J. L., Chadès, I., Proctor, C. A., Hudgins, E. J., and Bennett, J. R. 2023. Optimizing ecological surveys for conservation. Journal of Applied Ecology 60: 41-51.

Schuster, R., Buxton, R. T., Hanson, J. O., Binley, A. D., Pittman, J., Tulloch, V. La Sorte, F. A., Verburg, P. H., Rodewald, A. D., Wilson, S., Possingham, H. P., and Bennett, J. R. 2023. Protected area planning to conserve biodiversity in an uncertain future. Conservation Biology e14048.